Embracing Greatness with Jamila Sherman

“I love Jamila’s style! As a member of 808 entertainment, a Dallas-based agency for creatives to curate dope musical content and artist appreciation, she constantly stays on top of “what’s hip” in urban fashion. While working at her 9–5 she’s chic, but after 5 she’s edgy with leather skirts, leather jackets, and gold accessories. Jamila is a great example of a woman who can rock Chelsea boots for work and tennis shoes (like Nike and Adidas), and STILL kill a runway.”

-B. Millage, The Millage

“Jamila definitely marches to the beat of her own drum, better yet 808s. What I admire most is her balance of her personal brand, Jay Sage, professional brand, 808 entertainment, and collaborations. Through deep subject matter expertise in the music industry, and commitment to highlighting Dallas events and tastemakers, and the fact that she is unapologetically true to herself. Oftentimes she is behind the scenes making magic happen — which is a great way for your work to speak for itself.”

-B.Miller, The Be Great Brand

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