Embracing Greatness With Josh Allen

Successful brands always challenge the status quo, they don’t copy, they innovate, and their heads-down and focused on their growth. This is the exact mentality that I’ve seen Josh take with all of the brands that he is building, from 808’s to his nonprofit, The Protege Project, and the freelance work he does outside of his 9–5. If you follow his Instagram you’ll see him continuously leveling up his content and creatively highlighting his businesses in new ways, and if you know him outside of social media you’ll realize the attention to detail and immense time and effort he pours into his businesses.

-Brandon Miller, The Be Great Brand

Joshua Allen, makes everything look good. No matter what city he’s in or what event he goes to; you’ll most likely see him in a fitted jeans, a fitted shirt, and mostly likely, wearing black. He’s a simple dude, with a lot of class. From his 808 Entertainment involvement, to his 9–5 gig, he is always looking his best to get the job done. Event though black is his “go-to” color, Josh is still extremely versatile when it comes to his business attire and his play attire. I can guarantee that his outfit will ALWAYS fit the part, no matter the event. As a man of consistency and efficiency, he typically has everything he needs. From coveralls to suits, or tennis shoes to chelsea boots, Josh is always prepared.

-Brian Millage, The Millage

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