Embracing Greatness with KG Graham

“At The Millage, we #Cosign KG because of everything he does and everything he is doing. From running an entire media group, magazine, digital platform that explores the hottest music, fashion, and culture, he’s definitely versatile; but so is he style. KG can rock some Jordan shoes, sweats, #Cosign tee, denim jacket, and #Cosign dad cap one minute, and put on a white blazer with a black shawl, turtleneck, and some wazy shoes the next; and wouldn’t miss a beat! (Don’t believe me, check out his instagram @cosginkg). Building his business, and his closet, is why we #Cosign KG to #BeGreat.”

-B. Millage, The Millage

“If we are talking about an exceptional brand builder, KG remains at the top of the list. I’ve witnessed first hand the time, hours, and energy KG puts into building his brand and what’s even more impressive is the energy he puts into building those around him. KG utilizes his experiences, love for his family, and passions as the fuel for his COSIGN Magazine’s and COSIGN Media Group’s growth. Biggest takeaway: “Be Great and #COSIGN Yourself.”

-B.Miller, The Be Great Brand

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