Savoring the Simplicities while Mingling over Mimosas

How the Debonair Society Fed us the Finer Things

It’s a Sunday morning, and like a plethora of folks my age: I woke up entirely too late, I had a headache, was pretty hungry, and I would have been one hundred percent content laying in my bed for a couple of hours binge watching Netflix. My reminder went off that Dallas’ Debonair Society had their monthly Mingling over Mimosas event and with admitted hesitation I threw on some clothes and headed to the African American History Museum to attend — and I’m glad I did because the event fed everything I needed.

The first thing I noticed as I stepped foot in the venue was there was no program, no schedule of events, no announcements being read over the microphone — the event was the most ideal sense of perfectly simple. I say that with no negative connotation, it was an atmosphere of synergistic simplicity: subtle scents of great food, melodic neo soul, handfuls of mimosas, and gentle banter. It’s as if the event personified easy as Sunday morning.

The Program.

As previously mentioned, the program was — a lack of a program. It allowed for natural conversation instead of forced, guided discussion that so many of the events I attend call for. It also put the onus of “getting what you want out of the event” on the attendees and not the host. If you were trying to network meeting the attendees was on you, if you wanted to sit back and listen to DJ Rosé play Erykah Badu — you were more than welcomed.

It was an event for everyone’s intentions and allowed for me to 1) feed my body and rejuvenate my spirit from the night before (because, hangover), 2) meet new individuals from the Dallas Metroplex that I haven’t previously run into, 3) reconnect with friends I haven't seen in a while, and 4) sit back and enjoy music that the local radio stations must have forgot existed.

Photo Credit: Dlores Photography

The Location.

Photo Credit: Dlores Photography

Debonair Society’s foundation is rooted in giving back and serving in urban communities throughout Dallas. focusing on culturally savvy millennials the location for Mingling Over Mimosas was almost too perfect — the African American Museum.

Though the art galleries were closed for the event, it felt good knowing that we were at a place that was built to celebrate us as African Americans. It wasn’t necessarily the same as a Sunday brunch that your grandmother prepared after church service, but I would argue it was the next best thing.

Considering the location, the cause, and the community the Debonair Society did an impeccable job of curating the finer details to pull off the novel event. With a sense of “home,” conversation about our people and what we can do to continue to build bridges was natural, and our surrounding had a lot to do with that.

The Food.

Photo Credit: Dlores Photography

One of my favorite Dallas chefs, Chef Amber, held it down per usual. LeRouge Cuisine had everything from a fruit medley, to your southern chicken and waffles, grits, potatoes and made-to-order omelettes.

I can’t speak for all of the tables, but at mine plates were practically licked clean, bones were meatless, and there wasn’t an inkling of grit residue remaining. Though some events call for intricate and elaborate menus, what I appreciated most was, as mentioned previously, the simplistic nature of the food which left no stomach unfed.

The Drinks.

If you know me (or if you read a fraction of my posts) you know I love a healthy compilation of the finer things in life, and by finer things, I mean mimosas. When I take a look at my generation, there are a few trends that I’ve come to know, one of which is: if you are worried about the turn out for you event, include a bottomless mimosa bar — and you’ll no longer have to worry.

Debonair Society’s heavy-handed bartenders were hard at work as they provided a handfuls of mimosas to the event attendees. From your classic orange juice, to strawberry, to grape (it was a first time for me, but won’t be a last), if you didn’t walk in with a smile on your face you most definitely walked out with one.

The Music.

Photo Credit: Dlores Photography

Have you ever had the distinct pleasure of biting into your chicken and waffles while DJ Rosé transitions from Anthony Hamilton’s Charlene to Lauryn Hill’s Nothing Even Matters? If you haven’t you either need to queue up your iTunes playlist or purchase your ticket to the next Mingling Over Mimosas. I’m pretty confident in saying my table simultaneously dropped our chicken and said a collective, “Whaaaaaaaat?”

In all honesty, the community at large was in a constant state of breaking into song and dance as our favorite ’90s and early 2000’s neo soul classics were in rotation over the speakers. If you were ever tired of talking, Debonair Socitey’s event gave you plenty to close your eyes and listen to.

DJ Rosé was showered with compliments as it’s not often where you can find the perfect “feel good” genre of music that everyone in attendance could appreciate.

The People.

Photo Credit: Dlores Photography

One of the biggest “shock-and-awes” of the event was that there was a collision of networks, multi-generational, different industries, and different walks of life. It was refreshing, I think many of us get into the habit of attending numerous of events all to realize that it is the same people attending each and every one of them.

While Mingling over Mimosas I had the opportunity to connect with individuals who I had never met but lived right down the street from me. I had a couple of instances of the, “we follow each other on Instagram, right?” moments. We rubbed shoulders with the consistent passion pursuers that we often see at networking events.

What I appreciated most was the fact that multiple generations were represented, having the opportunity to discuss how quickly Dallas is changing for the better, the differing opinions on millennials, but most importantly sharing knowledge of lessons learned

The Debonair Society somehow created a trifecta that reconnected old friends, introduced new networks, and brought your social media followers to life.

Be sure to connect with the Debonair Society and follow them on Instagram! For more pictures of the event, check out Dlores Photography’s Gallery.

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