5 Ways to Share Great Stories via Great Jones Street

Stories are meant to be shared.

We designed our app (and our Medium pub) to make conversations about fiction on social media easier. Here’s how.

1: Start a Facebook Group for your Non-Book Book Club

Invite your best friends. The ones you’d like to talk with every day. Talk about anything but politics. The ones who won’t mind the odd diversion into la-la land of fiction. Why spend all that time fussing over a novel, anyway? 20 minutes. In and out. Discuss. Rinse. Repeat.

Don’t want to risk it? No worries. Join ours.

2: Provoke your colleagues via Slack

HR will hate you or praise you. Time to find out. Click this link in any story. Paste it into your favorite #random slack channel.

Step 1: choose a wildly innapropriate story for work discussion
Step 2: Copy the link.
Step 3: Submit to Slack channel of choice.

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3: Message your {spouse | sibling | parent |child | best friend| fun uncle}

You know that feeling you want to share with that one person who will understand what you mean? Go for it. There’s a link for that and it’s right here:

Don’t want to risk it? No worries. Message us instead.

4: Tweet the writer.

So many good writers hang out on Twitter all day long. You can find them and @ mention them right from the app. Use the hashtag #amreading #shortfiction when you do. Comme ca:

Don’t want to risk it? No worries. Mention us instead. We’ll make sure it gets there.

5: Annotate, respond and recommend right here on Medium

We have a Medium pub with ALL the stories right here. We publish 1,000 stories a year. All it costs is $5/month. A paltry fee for edifiction. (I made that word up.)

Every new member subscription helps us find and fund more great writers. Here’s where you can join:

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