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3 min readMay 18, 2021
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I read an amazing article about the best and greatest digital tools used by entrepreneurs to accelerate their productivity. Interestingly, I use many of these or substitutes that help me accomplish more out of my day! Makes me feel delighted and validated! :)

Coincidentally, today marks day 32 of my daily writing challenge and day 36 of a daily prayer circle group. Hurrah!

As a writer and author, many of these tools are brilliant and worth their weight in gold! No matter how productive you already are, please do read the list — there are some amazing gems that will add rocket fuel to your work processes! The original article by Joseph Mavericks is listed below! My personal favorite apps (FREE to use) are listed below as well.

My Favorite Tools:

#1. EverNote

A note-taking app that syncs across devices so that I can work from anywhere. Also allows you to clip articles and text from your browser, which is helpful when you want to save something for future reference. Amazing for saving ideas and references for my Medium articles and my books.

#2. LiveTranscribe

I speak a lot faster than I type. Moreover, talking my ideas out loud helps me arrange my chaotic ideas and thoughts more coherently. Plus, with an infant at home, I often have only one (or zero) hands-free! So, the “Live Transcribe” app from Google is a lifesaver. It takes only one button to get into the app and once I finish, I simply save all and paste it into Evernote. All modifications later when I have time!

Shopping lists, to-do reminders, article drafts — everything begins with transcribing! I use this in my “IVANA” method to go from 900 words per hour to over 4000+ words per hour!



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