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Data Breaches, Investment Ideas and So Much More…

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3 min readJun 14, 2021
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This post is a review of the book “Big Breaches” by Neil Daswani and Moudy Elbayadi. I received the book on NetGalley, and this book is awesome!

First of all, it is a timely book.

With the recent news about the Colonial pipeline breach and ensuing gas shortage nightmares, everyone is (or should be) concerned about cybersecurity. Whether you work in IT or not, everyone uses the internet and so much of our private information and data is just one step away from being hacked! So this book will be quite valuable and interesting to understand why and how some of those breaches occurred. The book is written without much jargon and is easy to follow.

Data Breaches Affect Everyone!

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Data breaches affect everyone, not just gullible senior citizens or folks posting a zillion social media posts! You do not need to be an online shopper to be affected, either!

Preventing such breaches is hard, almost akin to the Border Security Police (BSP) work! BSP personnel have thousands of points to monitor — illegal tunnels, airport passengers, rogue shipments at ports, etc. increasing the odds of failure! Terrorists only have to find a single vulnerability to get in — an overlooked mine, overpower a tired soldier or bribe a single person! Similarly, banks and large corporations have to work tirelessly to keep their digital assets secure — the task is Herculean, thankless and often feels like an uphill (and losing) battle! I worked in credit card fraud analytics and risk management and can personally vouch at the inventive ways cyber criminals attack our orgs!

This book brings explains such incidents in a masterful storytelling method!

AI investments, anyone?



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