Great Runs in Taipei, Taiwan

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Kelsey Perrett
Nov 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Part of the enclave of New Taipei City, Taipei is the political, economic, educational, and cultural center of Taiwan, and one of the major hubs of East Asia. The geography is interesting, as the city lies in the Taipei Basin, bordered by the Xindian River to the south and the Tamsui River to the west, with Qixing Mountain and Mt. Datun rising to the north. Despite its being one of the most densely populated cities in the world, there is good running in Taipei, and a great running culture, with multiple river paths, some nice parks, and challenging, hilly trail running nearby.

Daan Park. Beautifully landscaped, 64 acre park has numerous tree-lined paths. A loop around the perimeter path, which features time and temperature displays for runners, is about 2.5 km

Keelung River Paths. One of the signature river runs in Taipei. Nearly 10 km of seamless paths on the north and south of the river, including several parks and bridges which allow for loops.

Tamsui River Paths. Excellent running paths along the right and left banks. Water views much of the way, and great for sunrises/sunsets. 9 km from Yanping Park to Shezi Island. 4 km from Taipei Br.

Tamsui River Run. Scenic waterfront running along the Tamsui River in the northern part of Taipei. There are options on both the east and west sides, using the Guandu Bridge as the anchor.

Jingmei River Path. Pleasant riverside running path, for 6+ km from Jingmei Riverside Park to National Chengchi University. There are several parks and a couple of pedestrian bridges along the way.

New Tapei Memorial Park. A series of riverside parks stretching for 8+ km, binding the Tamsui River in the Sanchong and Luzhou Districts. Good variety of landscaping, paths, waterside sections.

Zhonhshan District. Many popular sights and excellent running options. Run west along riverside parks toward the Fine Arts Museum, or east for up to 4 km. Hillier and narrow Jiannan Rd. is also a good option.

Xinyi District. A ‘runseeing tour’ of Xinyi on sidewalks & pedestrian plazas. Sights: Taipei 101 building, Convention Center, World Trade Center, and the National Sun Yat-sen Memorial.

Yanmingshan National Park. One of nine national parks in Taiwan, sitting between Taipei and new Taipei City, and accessible via public transport. Generally hilly and challenging! We’ve highlighted trails.

Great Runs

Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Run in the World's Major Cities and Destinations. @greatruns by Mark Lowenstein

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Great Runs

Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Run in the World's Major Cities and Destinations. @greatruns by Mark Lowenstein

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