The Best 100 Runs in America’s Cities

In celebration of the launch of Great Runs, we’ve selected The 100 Best Runs in America’s Cities. There are great places to run. And then there are the iconic runs. The ‘must do’, or ‘bucket list’ runs. Going to Chicago? Gotta run the Lakefront Trail. Same goes for the Charles River in Boston, the National Mall in Washington, Piedmont Park in Atlanta.

What qualifies as an ‘iconic’ run? It’s centrally located, usually near downtown/city center, is especially interesting, scenic, or beautiful, and epitomizes the city in some way. We’ve selected two ‘iconic runs’ for the top 50 or so cities or regions, by population, in the United States. That adds up to 100 iconic runs.

Below is the list, with a few words highlighting what makes the run iconic. There’s a separate link to a page with clickable images of all the iconic routes.

Runners may submit their own ideas — for a city on the list, or an area we haven’t developed yet…anywhere in the world!

Below is our list of The 100 Best Runs in America’s Cities. Click here for a live list, with clickable images and links to all the routes, for more details. Happy running!