COVIDSafe App: Here’s How to Make Consent Meaningful

Screen shot only. Video below :)

The contract tracing debate is raging across jurisdictions. Many are in support. Some are against. Others are stuck, unsure what to think and how to act.

These are challenging and unprecedented times. It’s no surprise that there’s division surrounding whether to or not to download and use the Australian Government’s COVIDSafe App.

Rather than reciting narratives that are already healthy and reasonably robust, we took a different tact. This week’s Here’s How To video focused the behavioural phenomenon we refer to as the Agreement Bypass Bias (ABB).

This is an observable phenomenon across jurisdictions. It’s the de facto behaviour (when engaging with online disclosures) of today. Unfortunately, in this particular case, the Australian Government has largely conformed to the design patterns that so consistently reinforce this behavioural propensity.

The result is a far less than optimal decision-making process for individuals.

Although this is the current state of the “consent” experience (an issue covered in the video), it does not have to be this way. The Government can and should do more to design better disclosure experiences that support more informed and action consent.

Watch the video for more. Reach out if you represent the Government and want to quickly design a better consent experience.




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