Pair Design Saves Time: Here’s How to Do It

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Over the past few years I have the fortune of participating in some incredible work with passionate, talented people. But, even when the people are passionate and talented, they’re so often constrained. Their workflows are directly impacted by ‘formal’ processes within their organisation.

At times this just slows things down a little. Sometimes this extra time is actually really good. But this is often the best case scenario. Typically these reviews or sign off processes:

  1. Add weeks of time
  2. Add tens of thousands of dollars of direct cost
  3. Contribute unnecessary opportunity cost (the result of taking longer to generate revenue and learn from real life product usage), and
  4. Dilute the customer value of the product or service that’s been designed

Fortunately this doesn’t have to happen. There are other ways to design cross-functional workflows that actually speed things up, accelerate time to revenue and support greater customer value. That’s what this weeks’ Heres’ How To video is all about.

Note for those interested: The example I use in the video relates to the Consumer Data Right here in Australia.

If you’re not convinced (you shouldn’t be. Don’t just ‘trust’ me), put this practice to the test. Measure your baseline and re-measure with the workflow changes. Control for the variables you can. But don’t aim for perfection. It ain’t possible in any case. This is just about ‘better’.

My hypothesis is that you’ll observe and experience quantifiable benefits. You’ll also likely work better and enjoy the subjective and intersubjective benefits of this outcome.

Let me know how you get on. I’m here to answer any questions you have.




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