Permission Management Sucks: Here’s How to Make It Better

Image only. Video below :)

When I search for “permission management”, this is what I get.

Different search engines yield similar results.

Frankly speaking, all of this is utterly meaningless to individuals in their capacity as a citizen or consumer. And that’s what our latest Here’s How To video covers.

Enabling people to better navigate the complexity and nuance of data sharing is a worthy pursuit. That’s not to say there aren’t better models. It’s my belief that we need to design a new internet and information society/economy that respects people’s rights and freedoms, by design. But designing for the now - for increments of meaningful and measurable progress - is important.

I’ve spent years experimenting with different models of personal information management. Few seem to work well for a variety of reasons. Many of which are sociopolitical.

Although this is a somewhat complex topic, what I have learned is that, when people are given the choice of privacy ‘and’ instead of privacy ‘or’, they take the privacy and option. And it’s totally possible to make privacy and both easy and meaningful.

If you’re interested in how to start thinking about this, if you’re interested in how to start acting upon this, check out the video. Once you’ve watched it, send questions my way. I’d love to start a discussion about what you’ve tried, what you think works and what doesn’t so we can drive this discussion forward together.



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