The new rules of designing with data

How we ask for, access and make use of personal data is changing.

We’re faced with:

  • Consumer mistrust (for good reason)
  • Connected ‘stuff’ everywhere
  • Data regulations like the GDPR
  • Massive data breaches
  • New standards that (intend to) enable interoperability and portability
  • Evolving business models

This has macro and micro-economic implications. But it also impacts people’s lives.

As designers, we need to re-think usability patterns. We need to find ways to convert the nuance and complexity of an evolving data economy into human and business value.

Progressing from the 2016 TechCrunch article, Data minimization — the new design rules for startups, I’m really excited to announce my upcoming InVision Design Talk. So save the date, May 17th at 1pm EST.

In this talk I’m going to unpack some of the complexity that’s forcing (or enabling) us to design new human experiences.

I’m going to introduce you to the three rules of designing with personal data. I’ll back these rules up with practical examples from leading organisations like Meeco.

I’ll then touch on some tools and approaches you can start using immediately.

So, who’s this talk for?

This talk is for you if you are tasked with designing value propositions. If you design experiences, conduct research or push pixels to the limits of perfection, this is also for you.

The Call to Action ;)

Sign up for the talk now!

Not convinced? Okay, here’s further justification.

Justification 1

Trust is an outcome of experience. Without trust, you won’t gain access to the personal data you need. Businesses that don’t earn trust will struggle to operate.

In this talk I’ll present practical approaches for how to earn trust through design.

Justification 2

Your company could be fined up to 4% of global annual revenues. Key executives could be personally prosecuted… All this bad stuff could happen if you don’t design effective explicit consent experiences.

In this talk I’ll give you enough insight to start designing effective explicit consent experiences.

Justification 3

Your return on time invested matters.

For an hour of your time, you’ll get the synthesis of the last five years I’ve spent thinking and doing in the personal data space.

A BIG thanks to InVision

I’m really humbled by the opportunity Margaret and the team at InVision team have given me to share these insights with you all. I’m looking forward to seeing you on May the 17th.

Sign up for the Design Talk directly here.