‘We Need to Use Your Location’: Here’s How to Do it Right

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Amidst the COVID-19 crises, the use of our location data has become one of the hottest human rights topics. Privacy International is doing a wonderful job tracking global responses to this pandemic.

But this isn’t a new thing. We’ve all interacted with that location sharing toggle.

Because of this, we decided to focus the second instalment of our ‘Here’s how to’ series on this very topic.

Specifically, I describe some of the Data Trust by Design approaches our clients have employed to help individuals better understand location data sharing options.

This sketching session isn’t about the right or wrong of location data sharing. It’s not even about the process we execute to make the best possible choice (i.e. ethics) about the location data sharing choice architectures we design. It’s about evolving beyond the current de facto design pattern that poorly informs people and limits their choice.

Putting it frankly, this is simple and actionable guidance for any organisation — public or private — proposing to use location data to help deliver people value, meaning and/or engagement.

There are less excuses than ever before to justify inaction. Let’s not wait around for someone else to make location data sharing better. By taking action now, we can make it better today.




Insights on the intersection of data ethics, privacy and design from the team at greaterthanexperience.design

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