Novel Graphics #01

Just Like The First Day Of School

#01: The Door. Written by Emily Volk. Illustrated by Ryan Coons

Internships are weird. They just are. Nothing about them should feel normal. You’re basically like a transplanted organ placed into an already fully functioning body. You’re going to feel weird, and a little out of place, and you may even inadvertently cause some minor complications for just existing. You break the printer trying to replace the toner for example….you eat someone else’s food in the fridge because there was no label. You feel like you’re constantly in the way. Internships feel messy and bumbly, but that’s just how it is. It’s just never going to be a normal thing. It’s actually making my hands sweat typing this right now.

What I want to do with this webcomic is to show you a fly’s eye view of what it’s like being an intern at Struck, show you what I’ve learned, and take the normal “new kid” anxieties and prod and poke them onto the page/screen. I believe if you place those kinds of things in front of you, laid out all in plain sight, they end up looking a lot less big and scary.

I am so beyond excited to show you what I’ve been up to, what I end up learning along the way, and express the stupid intern anxieties that naturally come with the territory. You’ll see this internship through my eyes, through panels and pictures, in different styles, illustrated by new designers each week. How cool is that?


Emily Volk is a native Oregonian, runner, comics lover and copywriting intern at Struck. You can look at pictures of her cats on Instagram and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Ryan Coons is a writer, homebody and Copywriter at Struck. He can also be found on Twitter and Instagram.

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