Novel Graphics #02

Be brave, speak up.

No idea is a bad idea until it is. But, how will you know unless you put it out there? A brainstorm can be a scary, intimidating place. You walk into a room full of brilliant people who have done this a million times, and suddenly you have to be brave enough to speak up. Are they going to roll their eyes at you? Are they going to laugh? Are you going to stutter?

Trust me, they aren’t going to laugh and they probably won’t think twice. Yet still, it’s amazing what your brain has to go through that first time to muster up the courage to let an idea out.

Emily Volk is a native Oregonian, runner, comics lover and copywriting intern at Struck. You can look at pictures of her cats on Instagram and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Henry Smith is an illustrator, cartoon enthusiast and has an unhealthy love for video games. He’s also a designer at Struck. You can find him on Instagram, Twitter and

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