One Star Reviews of Snowbird’s “One-Star Review” Campaign

The first ad in our new campaign for Snowbird Resort hit newsstands on Monday in Ski Utah magazine. By Tuesday night it was the top post on Reddit. Safe to say we’re a hit with 20-year-old males (and the 20-year-old males at heart). But not everyone is a fan. Here are our favorite one-star reviews of our “One-Star Review” campaign.

Reddit CSI on the case. They can tell because of the pixels.
… That’s the joke?
Snowbird is actually one of ten resorts within one hour of SLC International Airport. Stay tuned for our new Utah Tourism campaign touting that neat fact.
7 people agreed with him?
Hopefully enough that we can do something crazier next year.
We call it “editorializing.”
I didn’t realize my dad had a Reddit account.
Advertising in a nutshell

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