Having it all as a working Mom at Struck

At this particular juncture in my life, having it all is being a mom with a thriving career. At Struck I am among the many mothers and fathers carefully balancing parenthood and a career. And lets forget being P.C. for a second here and call it like it is: I am a working woman, a working mother, fulfilling both of these roles in a culture that often expects a woman to choose one or the other. Finding the support required to make this happen, this working mom gig happen, is unfortunately less common than we’d hope in 2017.

We’ve come so far

Since having my first baby at Struck four years ago, and my second baby just four months ago, the policies and the culture have evolved to support me, and other Struck parents, as we strive for that balance. Like Matt recently mentioned, my baby Carter and I were some of the first to enjoy the Pledge Parental Leave. In a country with really shitty policies regarding parental leave, it’s major that Struck has stepped up and pledged to providing us three months paid leave, three months medical coverage and job security for six months. Blazin’ the trail here, folks.

After 14 weeks off (12 paid), I am back to the office having spent 98 unforgettable, tiring, exciting and irreplaceable days with my newborn and my four year old. This is paid time off that allowed me to adjust to my new life, spend time to bond with my new babe and simply enjoy our new addition without stressing about job security or finances. To my Struck leadership team: Thank you. I am sincerely grateful for this gift.

More than policies, but the day-to-day

Our new paid-leave policy is only a piece of what Struck does that enables me to have it all … over the years we’ve harvested a culture that supports working parenthood. My more complicated life requires a flexible schedule, and I have that option, and colleagues that support me. Having the ongoing understanding, support and empathy of my colleagues is really what enables me to have it all.

Moving forward

We have the opportunity to lead by example and set the standard for what parental leave looks like in our creative industry, and also be an example of what having it all looks like for a working parent, a working Mom. Health benefits, paid leave, flexible in-office schedules and Mother’s room accommodations are just a few things that we, and others in our industry, can continue to improve on.

As Struck diversifies and grows our female representation across all roles, we will inevitably be met with more women who choose to grow their families and to continue growing their careers too. I am enthusiastic about supporting these women within our Struck community, and helping to ensure that all Struck parents have the support they need to balance a thriving career and parenthood.

A working mommy striving to have it all

My 16-week parental leave in a nutshell: cuddles and kisses.

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