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Release Note — March 2, 2019

Updates for

New + Improved

  • Show and expand flight tickets immediately if you click a destination to indicate your interest, instead of having to click the expand button each time.
  • Airline icons are now shown on the tickets list. For people who do care about airlines, this will help indicate the the airlines in the ticket without having to click in for more details.
  • The tickets page now has a “Show nearby destinations” button which will display places of interest nearby on the map when clicked.
  • Same day returns are now available.
  • Better URL history for browser. Moving the map no longer messes up the browser history for that tab. Use the back button to go back to your previous selection.
  • Improved server performance and reduced call size for tickets.


  • Better date picker. The previous date picker had several performance and UI issues. We switched to a more lightweight and customizable date picker which has fixed most performance issues that were reported.
  • More stable keyboard navigation for visa filter. Countries that we don’t have visa information for are now filtered out.



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