Apple Park’s glass walls

“Tim! You gotta see this!” Steve Jobs is stood in his office by the gently curved glass looking out at the panoramic view of Apple Park.

“What’s up?” Tim Cook replies.

Steve is holding a pair of binoculars and grinning. A big grin.

“Take these.” He holds out the binoculars, then turns to his iMac and stares at a list of Apple employee names, “And watch this!”

Steve picks up the phone and taps in an extension number, “… Hi, is this…” he glances at list of names, “… is this Darren Kayson? … This is Steve Jobs... Yes… Steve Jobs.” Steve starts motioning at Tim to look out the window. “There’s a new project I’d love for you to work on. It’s a life changing project. But you need to get to my office ASAP. The next two minutes. You in or out? … Great... You got two minutes. Hurry.”

Steve hangs up then grabs Tim and positions him. “Look, there, can you see him?”

Tim looks through the binoculars across the park at a man who stands up abruptly from his desk. He runs around part of the floor to the nearest stairwell. Tim watches as the man runs down the stairs and out into the middle of the park. The man runs across the park and then through an adjacent door and then SMACK! Straight into a glass wall. He bounces backwards and drops to the floor and Steve explodes.

“Hahahaha! Tim! Did you see that?! I’ve been doing it all day Tim!” Steve’s cheeks are red as he laughs out his words.

He grabs the phone and taps in another extension number.


But Steve ignores Tim, “… Amaresh Karim?” Steve covers the phone with his hand, “Can you believe Jony made this whole place out of glass?! Even the bloody walls! … Amaresh? It’s Steve. Steve Jobs. Yep, the Steve Jobs. Now, listen… we’ve noticed the great work you’re doing…” As he says it he looks over at Tim, wide smile and feigns a shrug.

“Steve! Fucking hell man, you can’t do this!” Tim is shaking his head but also smiling.

“Oh come on! It’s a laugh. I’ll let you pick the next one!”

Tim giggles. Then scans the park looking for Amaresh.

“Where is he?!”


Again they watch as Amaresh stands up from his desk and starts running, they track him darting through the floor until he runs up to a closed glass door.

“Here we go!” Steve rubs his hands together.

But Amaresh skids and stops just in time.

Fuck!” Shouts Steve.

“Ok one more.” Tim says.

“That’s my boy!” Steve cackles.

Tim points across the park. “Watch this.”

Steve follows Tim’s finger across the park to another office on the forth floor. Eddie Cue is sat at his desk, feet up, looking at his iMac.

“Eddie? It’s Tim. Guess what, I got two tickets for Golden State Warriors tonight,” Steve snorts at this, “they’re yours if you can get to Steve’s office in the next two minutes.”

Steve is looking through the binoculars and pointing, “I see him! He’s taking his sandals off! Oh man. He’s holding them and running. Look at him go! Oh man, Eddie’s really running! … He’s coming up to the wall… Here we go Tim!”



“What? What happened?” Tim’s trying to squint.

“He’s not moving Tim. Fuck, his sandals went flying.” Steve says shaking his head slowly.

“Oh fuuuuuuck.” Tim looks panicked.

“What have you done, Tim? Fuck me, there’s a crack in the glass too. Jony’s gonna kill you.”

“Me?! It was your idea!”

“Ah Jony made it glass. What did he expect?”

Steve is still looking through the binoculars, “Shit Tim, I think you killed Eddie.”

There’s a knock at the door, a man enters panting, “Steve… I’m Amaresh…”