Jack Dorsey, Trump and the Nuclear Button

Biz Stone, the co-founder of Twitter, rushes into CEO Jack Dorsey’s office.

“Jack, Jack. Have you seen? Outside?”

Jack is staring blankly with a vague smile. He doesn’t reply.


Jack still doesn’t reply but nods downward to his desk.

“Jaaaaaaaaaaaack.” Biz starts swaying on the spot like a kid told to stay still.

Jack rolls his eyes and pushes forward a printed out letter on the desk in front of him.

Biz picks it up and holds it with both hands. He reads it aloud like a kid at the front of class.

“I’m currently par-tiss-si-pating,” Biz has to read that word slowly because it’s five syllables, “… participating in a 10 day silent medi-tation.”

Jack nods.

“I won’t be able to speak during this time. I’m sorry for the in-con-veen-nience.” Biz stares at the page. Then looks up at Jack. Jack is nodding slowly.

“But Jack. Trump has tweeted another threat of nuclear war. And people are outside our office.” Biz pulls his phone out and holds it up. Jack leans forward and reads:

“Jack, this is really bad. People are very angry this time.” Biz pulls a sad face like a kid who’s been told he’s not allowed more sweets.

Jack shakes his head and motions Biz to look at his laptop screen.

“Twitter Ads?”

Jack points to the graph.

“Twitter Ad revenue?”

Jack waves at the graph again.

“Oh it’s shot up really high!” Biz exclaims, “which is good!”

Jack nods and smiles, closes his eyes, and leans back in his chair.

At that moment light suddenly fills the room. Biz peeks through the blinds and sees a truck with it’s side-door open and two people inside positioning a projector.


Biz does a location based twitter search and pulls up the tweets.

“What does ‘complicit’ mean Jack?” Biz asks like a kid asking what the word complicit means.

Jack frowns and looks out the blinds. There’s a crowd of around 100 people holding placards and chanting, “SACK JACK. DELETE TRUMP.”

“Jack they seem angry. Do they blame us for this? What if what we’re doing is wrong Jack? Jack?”

Jack purses his lips in annoyance. He reaches into his drawer and pulls out some bluetooth headphones.

“Jack. I want my son to be proud of me when he grows up.”

Jack sits Biz down in his chair, puts the headphones on his head and turns the TV onto Fox News. Biz shushes and is transfixed on the screen.

Jack walks back to the window.

“When I read the tweet, I just laughed. I think Trump aims to entertain!” giggles Fox News presenter Jesse Watters. Biz smiles at this and does a 360 spin in his chair.

Jack watches the crowd outside which has now tripled in size. He checks twitter and sees a trending story; 1000s of people organising a coup at the White House.

He checks Twitter Ad revenue and sees the graph has broken a new record. This is incredible he silently thinks.

Fox News interrupts their broadcast to live helicopter footage of the White House.

“Jack…” says Biz like a nervous kid.

Jack’s too busy, fixated on the graph which is accelerating in real time as millions of people simultaneously tweet.

“Jack all the people are at the White House gates.” Biz says, watching the crowds of protesters.

Biz looks at his phone and has seen Trump has tweeted.

“Protestors. Traitors. Leave now. Or there will be big consequences”.

It’s already the most retweeted tweet in history.

Biz smiles when he sees it’s the most retweeted tweet, but then frowns when he sees the most liked reply, “This is it. We are thousands. We’re storming the White House.”

“Jack this can’t be good. Can it?”

Jack’s not listening. The graph’s esculation is almost vertical.

And then the phone rings.

Jack picks it up and listens. His eyes widen. Then passes it to Biz.

“Hello?” Biz says.

“President Trump?!”

“… Shut twitter down? To stop the protesters?” Biz repeats what he’s hearing while looking at Jack.

Jack doesn’t look up from the graph but shakes his head.

“No President Trump. We can’t do that.”

“What do you mean consequences?” Biz looks back at Jack.

Jack shakes his head.

“No President Trump. We won’t shut down Twitter!”

“Ok. Bye bye.” Biz looks up at Jack and shrugs.

On Fox News, tens of thousands of protestors have broken through the front gates and are swarming up to the White House.

Outside the Twitter offices, the crowds are chanting “SACK JACK. DELETE TRUMP.”


Jack shakes his head. The ad revenue is off the charts. It’s huge. He’s sweating but smiling. He begins breathing heavily.

Biz opens the window and screams, “WE WON’T DELETE DONALD TRUMP! HE’S NEWSWORTHY!”

The crowd boos. A Boosted Board is thrown through the ground floor window. The crowds flood in.

“Jack! They’ve entered the building. What are we going to do? JACK?”

Jack’s pupils are dilated. He’s made more money from ad revenue in the last 3o minutes than he has in the last quarter.


The phone rings again.

Biz picks it up and sits on the floor cradling his knees. He begins to sob.

“No Mr. President… we won’t delete twitter…”

The crowd are at the door of the office. “SACK JACK. DELETE TRUMP.”

On TV, Fox News shows the protestors have forced their way into the White House.

“Mr. President. NO.” Biz says like a kid telling off a puppy.

Jack lies back in his chair. He’s reached a state of pure nirvana, his body is twitching and saliva running from his mouth.


“NOOOOOO.” Biz screams at the phone and the protesters.

Suddenly there’s a flash. Way brighter than before. The protestors stop and shield their eyes. Fox News flashes off and the TV shows snow.

Twitter ad revenue stops updating.

There is total silence.

Jack presses at his phone but nothing refreshes. He keeps pressing but there’s no signal. No wifi. No anything.

As the mushroom cloud fills the sky, a brilliant white light envelopes the west coast of California. The silence is filled with a rushing roar.

Biz wonders if his incinerated wife and son will blame him for this.

“Fuuuuuck.” says Jack.