Jony Ive unveils Mac Pro prototype to Steve Jobs

Tim Cook, Phil Schiller and Steve Jobs are ushered into Jony Ive’s new workshop at Apple Park.

Jony is waiting next to a large workbench similar to the tables in Apple Stores. What’s on the table is covered by a large black cloth.

Tim, Phil and Steve stand in a line.

Jony gives them a nod. They nod back.

Tim breathes in.

Jony gently lifts off the cloth.

“Fuck.” Tim says.

Phil nods his head.

Steve has his hand under his chin.

Phil approaches the table and leans in, “Fuck…”

Jony smiles and nods.

Phil chuckles to himself and shakes his head.

Steve circles the table. Hand still under his chin.

Tim points to one of the parts and raises his eyebrows at Jony.

Jony smirks back.

“Fuck me.” Tim replies.

Phil picks up a particular part and weighs it in his hand.

Steve Jobs takes it from Phil, “the fuck?” he says frowning at Jony.

Tim and Phil look up at Steve then over at Jony.

Jony shakes his head and points to the specific area of the main part on the table.

“Mother fucker…” Steve replies.

“Fuck a…” mutters Phil.

Phil takes out his iPhone X and takes a photo. He composes an iMessage to Craig Federighi, attaches the photo and types ‘Fuck’ in the message window but it auto-corrects to duck.

Jony lifts up the main part with both hands and exposes its underside.

“Oh fuck! Fuck…” Tim says.

Steve walks over to a calendar planner on the wall and points to September 2018 and looks at Jony.

Jony shakes his head.


Jony walks over and waves his hand at 2019, “Fuckin...”

“Fuck off.” Steve replies and points to November 2018.

“Fuck that.” Jony replies.


“Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.”

“Fuck it.” Steve says.