Revealed: Who at Twitter deleted Donald Trump’s account

At Twitter HQ, Biz Stone opens the door to Jack Dorsey’s office.

“Hey-oh! What is it Jack? What’s the problem?” Biz is smiling and flicking a yo-yo.

“We got a problem Biz.” Jack says.

“Ooh I like problems. What kind?!” Biz says with a smile.

“No, no, no. Not a good problem. This is bad.” Jack’s sat at his desk, his head in his hands and pulling at his hair.

“Oh nooo.” Biz says. He blows a bubble of bubble gum until it pops.

“Damnit Biz can you stop. It’s the fucking Feds Biz, they’re onto us. This Russia shit. The racial and sexist abuse that we’ve done nothing about. All of it.”

“The bullies?” Biz stops smiling and pulls a sad face.

“Yeah the bullies.” Jack is staring at his laptop, “Fucking Trump, too. It’s catching up with us. I don’t know man, don’t know what to do.”

“Jack… you’re scaring me-”

“For FUCK sake Biz, can you just- just fucking help me out here. Think.”

Biz stares. His yo-yo stops spinning and starts twirling on the end of the string.

“Jack… Why can’t we report the bullies?”

“Report? To who? It’s our fucking company. You get it? WE’RE responsible. ME. YOU. YOU BIZ.”

Biz’s face begins to redden.


“For fuck sake Biz, not now.”

Biz starts sobbing.

“Jack… you said this website would be fun… If there’s bullies then we should delete their-”

“BIZ it’s too late for that. We need the fucking money. We need Trump’s money. We need Russia’s fucking money. The abuse… all that abuse… it’s all clicks. Clicks are our fucking money Biz. You get it? 40% of tweets are fucking abuse. You wanna take a 40% pay cut?”

“But… bullies are bad Jack.”

“I know Biz. I know. I’m thinking. Look. Just… stay here, I need a fucking cigarette. I’ll be back.” Jack gets up and jogs out the room.

Biz stands still, alone. After a few seconds he starts looking at the walls. Then he looks at Jack’s big leather chair. An Eames. He looks over his shoulder at the door. Then back at the chair.

He walks over and sits down then spins left and right in the chair. Then does a full spin.

Jack’s laptop is open with Donald Trump’s twitter page on the screen.

Biz looks up at the door. Then back at the screen.

Jack’s Twitter has a top nav bar of administrator functions.

Biz clicks on ‘Edit account’ then slowly mouses down to ‘Delete’.

He looks up at the door again. Then back to ‘Delete’. He clicks it.

‘Are you sure you want to delete account Donald Trump?’

“Yes!” shouts Biz with a smile at the same time as clicking the button.

Biz goes back to spinning in the chair.

Four minutes later Jack bursts through the door holding his phone.


He lunges at his desk, Biz veers and falls out the chair sideways. Jack half kneeling starts furiously typing into his laptop.

“But Jack I’m helping. It’s right.” Biz’s voice begins to break again, “It’s a good thing.”

“BIZ we’re fucking DEAD. You deleted Trump’s account? The fucking Russians will kill us. We’ve already taken their money. If the fucking Russians don’t his fucking nut job fan base will.”

“The bullies will come after us?”


“But… that’s not good. It’s not ok for us to be bullied.”

“Exactly Biz.”

“… I’m sorry Jack. I thought it was the right thing to do.”

Jack frantically re-instates Donald Trump’s twitter account. After a couple of minutes he sits back in his chair and exhales.

Biz begins sobbing again.

“Biz… it’s alright. It’ll be alright.” Jack takes Biz’s head and cradles it in his arms.

“You fixed it?”

“I fixed it.”


“Promise.” Jack says, his eyes staring straight with sweat running down his forehead.