The Apple WWDC18 secret - Pt. 1

Jony Ive is alone, working late in his workshop at Apple Park. Rain patters the window. It’s dark.

Jony feels good. Apple Park is finished and he’s back doing what he does best; product. The invites for WWDC18 went out earlier that day, hinting at a return to 3D UI. Yeah, things are good.

There’s a crack of thunder.

He’s not actually working, he’s pretending to. He drums his fingers on the table. Then pulls out his iPhone X from his pocket and brings up the WWDC18 email. That invite. Those 3D UI elements; a mix of transparent, translucent and white glass. It’s beautiful. It’s perfect.

Each element looks like a Jony Ive product.

He smiles.

There’s a flash and another rumble.

Jony glances over at his desk in the corner of the room. He looks at the locked drawer and stops smiling.

He shakes his head and opens up his MacBook. He loads up the Apple Developer page and watches the WWDC18 invite animation play. When it finishes he refreshes the page so the animation plays again. His smile returns.

Another flash of lightning. And something grabs his attention.

He stares out into Apple Park. The rain is thrashing heavily against the glass. It’s too dark to see clearly. He squints. Then does a big blink and looks back at his MacBook. He refreshes the animation quicker now, refreshing before its had time to finish. But he can’t relax.

Jony opens the FaceTime app and dials Tim Cook.

“Jony?! You’re still at work?”

“Yeah. Yeah, Tim. Tim, listen.”

“Great job today, Jony! The WWDC invites look great. 3D!

“Tim, I think someone’s outside, in the park.”

“Oh Jony, no one can get into Apple Park, are you crazy?”

A third flash of lightning, and in that split second Jony is terrified. In the little thumbnail view of himself on the FaceTime video, he sees a silhouette at the glass behind him.

He spins around but there’s no one there.

He rolls out the chair and walks backwards slowly.


Another flash and a roar and the silhouette is in the room. Dripping water onto the imported Italian stone. How was that possible? How–

“How did you do that? Who are you???” Jony says nervously.

“Oh my Go–” says the voice of Tim from the MacBook, right before the figure slams down the screen.

Jony thinks fast, he raises his iPhone X and taps the torch icon on the lock screen. But he forgets you actually have to 3D Touch the icon from the lock screen. So the icon just kinda bounces.


At this point the figure slowly lifts its arm and points to the corner. Jony looks over his shoulder in the direction of the point. At the locked drawer.

Jony lowers the iPhone X then raises it to activate FaceID. Then swipes up. Then he swipes down from the top right of the screen to pull down the iOS Control Panel. He actually didn’t need to swipe up to the homescreen but he’s not thinking straight. Then he 3D Touches the torch icon. But the thing is, when you 3D Touch the torch icon from the Control Panel it actually brings up the touch brightness control, with 4 levels of brightness, without actually turning the torch on–

“FUCK SAKE.” he swears again and selects the brightest level.

The torch lights up.

And that’s when he sees him.

“No. NO. It’s impossible. It can’t be… I… I buried you... We all buried you. Underneath Apple Park... You’re dead. You’re DEAD...”

“Hello, Jony.” replies Scott Forstall.

To be continued…

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