Steve Jobs reviews iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max keynote

“Steve!” Phil Schiller says walking into Steve Jobs’ office.

“Heyyy. Hey Phil.” Steve replies, “Take a seat.”

“Cool. Cool.” Phil says tapping his fingers together, “You like the keynote?”

“Yeah…” Steve says.

“The series 4 Watch, eh?”

“Brilliant update.” Steve nods.

“And the new phones. How about that new camera?” Phil beams.

“Yeah… that’s kinda what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Well what?” Phil’s smile slows down a little. “The new cameras are great, Steve.”

“Yeah they are Phil. It’s not the camera.”

“But you said–”

“Phil. Take a look at this. I took some screen grabs of the keynote.”


Steve spins his MacBook Pro around on the desk so Phil can see the screen.

“I’m just gonna flick through them.”


“Ok. So. When you introduce the new iPhone camera…” Steve starts clicking through the screen grabs of the conference.

“That’s a great photo.” Phil says. “Don’t you think.”

“It is. I’ll click through some more.”


“Phil… Just…”

“So like…”


“All the photos…”

“What about them?”

“It’s just…”


“Nothing. I dunno. Look. Phil. I’m just an old guy…”

“Me too.”

“I’m just an old white guy…”

“Right. As am I. So? … Oh!”


“Oh, because?”

“Well, yeah!”

“Yeah shit I didn’t even realise. I just thought… they look good?”

“Well, yeah.”

“I’m sure I definitely put in some white–”



“No you didn't. And that’s fine! Like totally fine. Just…”

“You think it’s weird everyone is black or Asian?”

“Shhh! I don’t know!”

“Me neither! I mean it’s not racist!”

“But… is it so not racist that it kinda is racist?”

“I don’t know… And it’s every photo in the slide?”

“All 14 of them.”

“Shit I mean…”

“Is he?”

“Think so.”