The Apple WWDC18 secret — Pt. 2


“SIGN IT.” Tim Cook barks, cross-armed.

“NO.” Scott Forstall replies.

SIGN THE APOLOGY.” Jony Ive says, gripping Scott from behind in a half nelson hold.

“I said… NO.

It’s October 2012 and Tim Cook is pressuring Scott Forstall to publicly apologise over Apple Maps being a failure.

“This is pointless.” Phil Schiller says, taking a drag on a cigarette and blowing out smoke, “He won’t sign.”

“You guys are SICK. This isn’t about Apple Maps. This is about–”

At that moment Tim nods to Phil. Phil cracks Scott across the face with the back of his knuckles. Scott drops his head like Indiana Jones at the start of the Last Crusade, on the boat.

“Sign it.” Tim squeezes Scott’s fist around a non branded iPad stylus because the Apple Pencil hasn’t been made yet.

“I’m not signing it… this isn’t about the fucking Maps... This is about design.”

Tim bends down and lifts Scott’s chin up.

“I’m going to say this once more. Sign. The. Apology.”

Scott looks up from Jony’s half nelson, screws his face up and spits. The spit hits Tim’s glasses and then runs down them.

“FUCK. YOU.” Scott says through gritted teeth, like how Sarah Connor says it in Terminator 2.

Scott then uses his nose to press the home button on the iPad exiting the PDF apology to the homescreen.

Tim Cook uses a hankerchief to wipe the spit from his glasses. He gives a hand signal to Phil Schiller.

Phil throws his cigarette on the floor, unbuttons his shirt and takes it off. He’s actually pretty ripped. He stretches his arms. “Told you he wouldn’t sign it.” He says with a smirk. He walks to the back of the room and picks up an old G5 tower and hauls it back.

“Hey Tim,” Scott says, he eyes the stylus, “I see a stylus... Guess you blew it, Tim.”

“Goodbye, Scott.” Phil says, lifting the G5 up and slamming it down on Scott’s head.

The crunching sound makes Jony gag. He lets the limp body slump forward onto the table. There’s silence except the sound of the stylus rolling off the table onto the floor.

“He’s not breathing.”

“Are you sure?”


“What do we do now?”

“We’ll get rid of the body.”



“… Apple Park.”


“The foundations. The cement’s still wet. We’ll bury him there.”

“How poetic.”

“How do we get him there?”

“Steve’s Mercedes. It’s still in the garage, I’ll get the keys...” says Jony.

“No.” Tim says, grabbing Jony’s wrist, “It wouldn’t be right. Order an Uber.”

Jony pulls out his iPhone 4S and confirms an Uber.

Several minutes later an Uber driver called Masood with a 4.8 rating pulls up to the main entrance of One Infinite Loop.

Tim Cook jogs out the doors and up to the Uber.

“Jony?” Masood says looking at his phone mounted on the dashboard and confirming the booking name.

“Yep!” Tim replies, getting into the front passenger seat, “I have three friends coming too.”

The doors to the main entrance kick open. Jony, Scott and Phil lurch out. Scott Forstall is inbetween Jony and Phil, wearing Aviator sunglasses and a vintage cap with a rainbow Apple logo. Each of his ankles is tied to the ankle of Jony and Phil. Jony and Phil are holding him up by the arms. His head is flopped forward.

To be continued…