The Great iPhone X Technology Story review

Your iPhone X will be delivered between 12:52 and 13:52 by Abdul.


Nov. 3rd

I stand gazing at the window. My hands behind my back. My focus shifts between the rain hitting the glass and the road beyond.

What kind of a man are you Abdul. What kind of a man.


In the next 60 minutes, my life will change forever. My wife asks a question but the words pass through me.


Oh Abdul. I feel us connected though we are yet to meet. But the universe will bring us together. Has it always been marked in the stars? Do you know, Abdul?


My wife stands to my side. Again, her mouth is moving but I hear nothing. I raise one arm and flick my thumb miming the unlocking motion of the iPhone X. I smile.


Abdul. You tease me. I wonder, does this titillate you Abdul? Holding my happiness in your palms.


I think of the great iPhone 4. The first iPhone to have a glass back. I chuckle when I remember how it would slide off seemingly horizontal surfaces, the glass so smooth. Will the iPhone X do the same?


My anxiety grows, with only ten minutes left of my designated delivery window. What is this cruel game, have you forsaken me, Abdul?

And then… at 13:44. The doorbell rings.

The next few moments are a blur as I rush to the door. In the chaos I knock my wife to the floor.

But then I open the door, and there he is.



“Delivery for you.” his expression is blank but his voice sings, “New iPhone, is it?”

Oh yes, Abdul, it is.

He passes me the package. He glances over my shoulder and frowns. He looks back to me, concerned. Then he turns away.

And he is gone.

I make my way to the kitchen. My wife is resting, slumped against the sofa on the floor. I sit at the kitchen table where I have a boxcutter prepared for the unboxing.

The review

The first thing I notice is the weight. It weighs more than an iPhone 7. The weight feels like a Plus sized iPhone. And then the bezel, it shines. And so does the glass back.

And then I turn it on.

The phone lights up a brilliant white. The whole phone. Every edge. Even the bottom of my palm is now screen. I recoil and let out a laugh. I didn’t expect so much screen.

I call for my wife to come over and see, but she’s still resting.

Navigating iOS on the iPhone X feels incredible. The removal of the home button means unlocking, launching and moving around apps are fluid motions. My thumb no longer has to search out the binary home button. I’m pressing nothing. It feels like air.

I find this the biggest change, the thing I can articulate the least; its fluidity.

I think back to Apple’s keynote. They announced the iPhone 8 and then announced the X almost as a ‘one more thing’. This was wrong.

This is the biggest jump in iPhone history. It’s unmistakeble. Why didn’t Apple lead with the iPhone X? The iPhone 8 should’ve been a footnote. Even the jump to retina with the iPhone 4, or the move to a bigger size with the iPhone 6, they pale to this.

My wife continues to sit motionless ignoring my excitement but I refuse to let it frustrate me. Instead I raise and lower the phone to test Face ID. It’s almost invisible. I will forget my phone has a lock on it.

I hear knocking at my door but instead or answering I look at the notch.

The notch. I imagine a future iPhone without the notch, and it strikes me, a future iPhone without the notch will have less character. How imperfections are the things you fall in love with. It is the same with the notch.

I like it.

Why is my wife not answering the door. The knocking intensifies and I can hear shouting.

When the police burst through the door, I am using animojis for the first time in a state of bliss. Call me a fool but this is fun in its purest form. I weep tears of joy as my body is thrown to the floor. The monkey on the iPhone X’s dazzling OLED display weeps with me.