How is GreedyGame helping developers earn additional revenue?

During their IIT days, Arpit Jain & Arink Verma were uncertain what the future held for them, but they were sure whatever it was they would end up doing would involve the two of them working together. Heavily fascinated by technology, they would spend large periods of time on various gadgets especially smartphones & tablets. It was at this point of time that digital advertising started to really grow but they found that mobile advertising was an intrusive experience that in many cases turned users away from the offering. After months of research GreedyGame was born.

GreedyGame is a provider of native advertising solutions for gaming applications that allows the developer or owner of the app to monetize his or her product (earning significant incremental revenue up-to potentially an extra thousands of dollars per month) in a manner that does not compromise user experience. How does this revolutionary service work? The GreedyGame SDK, which is integrated to the game, seamlessly blends the advertising elements within the application itself. In-game assets be it power-ups in a side scrolling game or the boundary hoardings in a cricket game are used to display actual advertisers. These appear on a screen instantaneously in real time keeping in mind data about the user such as his or her nationality to provide relevant content.

2 types of native advertising units are offered by GreedyGame. The clickable native advertising unit which appears near the top left corner in the above image allows for a 2 click-engagement process. The 1st click opens a user-initiated interstitial which provides more information about the brand and the 2nd click redirects to provide a more comprehensive view of the offering. The non-clickable native unit here appears on the wall of the garage. This is meant to increase awareness and brand recognition.

Since the advertisements are during the game-play a platform for greater user engagement is created. Further these ads do not compete with traditional spots taken by banners or reward videos. Any revenue thus generated is over and above what a game is already earning. Some of the biggest games be it local or international have seen revenues go up by 30–40 percent such as World Cricket Championship 2 or Bus Simulator Indonesia.

The company positioning itself as an SSP has worked to tie-up with partners such as InMobi, AppLovin and Smaato and would convert their demand to work in its own formats. This allows a publisher to get competitive rates in terms of CPM as well as fill rates be it an app consisting of users from U.S.A., India, Indonesia etc. among many others.

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