Native Ads — The Next Big Thing in Mobile Game Advertising

The mobile ad ecosystem is undergoing a huge metamorphosis, with the rise of newer ad formats every day. Mobile is no longer a subset of digital as it provides richer audience behavior and consumer intent, making targeting more relevant and meaningful. Until now, most of us were only aware of the display ads, social ads, or video ads published on the digital interfaces. But with the increasing reach and penetration of internet, the scope and diversity of online advertising has gained a robust momentum.

A shift from print and outdoor advertising to digital ads is worth noting as a big change is taking place in the parlance of advertising today. With this evolution we see that within digital, the traditional Video ads and display ads are getting archaic and newer ways of advertising are making way in the market.

What is native Advertising?

Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears.”

Native ads offer an opportunity to monetize your app/website more effectively by matching the original content’s look and feel, maintaining the great experience for your users. It usually involves a deeper partnership between a publisher (a website/app) and an ad server. The two entities work together to create promotional content which matches the style, tone and form of the publisher’s website.

Benefits of Native Advertising

When it comes to monetizing a gaming app using ads, intelligent ad placement is crucial to boost ad revenue as well as user retention, and is the foundation on top of which one should build the rest of the strategy

· For increasing the exposure of an ad to create an opportunity for advertisers to build a relationship with the player through nifty creative placements. When businesses are able to connect to audiences through these native ads, they are more likely to produce a higher purchase intent and greater brand affinity. (AB testing suggests results can differ by as high as a 18% higher purchase rate)

· Native ad fits and will serve it’s intended purpose of showing an ad and embedded calls to action takes the users directly to a carefully considered landing page, which continues to meet the expectations the ad has set thus improving the user experience and increase conversion rates

· Incorporation of native ads could include replacement of the in-game assets such as power-ups, character apparel, background elements etc. with branded assets and enjoy their content with minimal intrusions


· The blending of an in-app native ad into the mobile environment has the potential to be bypassed or ignored by a mobile user who isn’t keenly interested in the ad offering.

· Deeper more time consuming integration

· Lower acceptance rates by demand, which could lead to lower fill rates.


There is no denying that mobile gaming ecosystem is expanding exponentially. Native ads provide a win-win opportunity for all players in the mobile ecosystem. It seamlessly blends into the game play environment; the game assets are usually branded or replaced with branded assets. The advertisers can effectively communicate the brand offering and do not have to worry about annoying their TG; the publishers do not have to worry about losing their user base and the users can enjoy their content with no intrusions.