Top 7 Mobile Ad Formats to Monetize your Mobile Games

There are many ways to make money with your mobile game. One of the most innovative ways is to use In-Game Native ads. Over a third of the world’s population own a smartphone and average time spent on the mobile device is 5 hr per day/per person, time spent in mobile apps had increased 69% year-over-year, which is why advertisers are allocation more of their budgets on mobile. These new budgets are causing a great monetization opportunity for mobile game developers and publishers.

According to the new report, by 2020, media buyers will spend $84.5 billion on mobile advertising, with mobile accounting for 75.9 percent of all digital ad spend globally. Native advertisement will be a significant driver of mobile ad growth. Native in-App ads will drive 63.2 percent of all mobile display advertising at $53 billion by 2020. The In-App native advertisement will be the fastest-growing ad format in digital advertising (Source)

If you do choose to take advantage and use ads to monetize mobile game and increase your revenue, your first decision will be to decide the types of mobile ad formats you will use. When choosing the right mobile ad formats for your game there are number of factors to consider.

Below is an Info-graphics of the top mobile ad formats for mobile games and ranking for the five most important factors when choosing between different formats.