Open Finance Day: The next step in Open Banking?

We invite you on Tuesday 05 October at 17:30 to the online Open Finance Day with the theme “Open Finance: The next step in Open Banking?” which will highlight trends for new services and products in the age of data sharing.

The Open Finance Day is open to:

  • Companies and Organizations active in the field of fintech
  • Public and private sector executives — as fintech technologies are applied horizontally — in all sectors of the economy
  • Developers, designers and startup companies that want to participate in the knowledge and innovation ecosystem
  • Anyone interested in learning about the use and features of new digital systems


Agenda 17:30–19:30

  • The era of Open Finance, George Karamanolis, CIO / CTO & Co-Founder Crowdpolicy, FintelioX,
  • From “open banking” to “open finance” to “embedded finance”: How open data points to the future of financial services, Prof Markos Zachariadis, Professor and Chair in Financial Technology (FinTech) & Information Systems, Alliance Manchester Business School and Council member at the World Economic Forum
  • Open Finance the next day of Open Banking, George Panou, Head of Innovation Center, Eurobank
  • PaybyBank Digital Services, Alexandra Patsi, Vice Chairman, PayLink
  • Presentation of Visa Innovation Program, Βίκυ Φωτεινού, Program Manager
  • Open finance & Alternative Credit Scoring, Konstantinos Kalogerakis, FinTech Innovation Director at Hellenic Development Bank
  • Infinitech — The Flagship Project for Digital Finance in Europe, Ernesto Troiano, Senior Project Manager, GFT Italy
  • Open Banking, Open finance and data privacy, Christos Kalloniatis, Associate Professor at University of Aegean and Head of the PrivaSI Lab
  • Presentation of Greek Fintech Cluster, Panagiotis Kinanlis, Project Manager, Greek Fintech Cluster
  • Bridging the gap from regulation to open finance, Vaggelis Antonopoulos, Open Banking Manager, Eurobank
  • QAs & Discussion

Coordinated by Eleni Mavrogalou, the presentations will be in Greek / English, each presentation will last 10 minutes and at the end there will be a discussion and questions.

The Open Finance Day is organized by the Cooperative Formation Greek Fintech Cluster and is supported by the technology and innovation company Crowdpolicy. The GFC, already numbering 12 members — companies and organizations, has as its statutory purpose to help the development of the domestic fintech ecosystem and to develop for its members the appropriate resources and know-how, which will enable them to meet the challenges and opportunities of the industry. , nationally and internationally.

Related Links:

The project is co-funded by Greece and the European Union:

Greek Fintech Cluster has been the cumulative outcome following a series of successful collaborations among the stakeholders and open innovation actions shaping the fintech ecosystem. Key organizations have joined forces to accelerate fintech!

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