New Renewable Energy Options for Your Home

New solar options are more affordable and elegant. The solar industry is accommodating the popular request for green living choices which are easily installed and extremely efficient. SolarCity created its new roof system for neighborhoods which previously outlawed solar systems due to unattractive appearance and homeowner association permitting limitations.

SolarCity photo

The higher efficiency roofing tile consists of a glass layer, coating films, and solar cells. These tiles collect the sunshine on the solar cell and convert the light rays into electric energy.

Sun shines on the tiles, through the glass and the film, and through to the underlying solar cell, which converts the light into electricity. A recent article from Fortune Magazine reveals that SolarCity’s collaborator is 3M. Their relationship will support high-quality products and warranties.

SolarCity’s believes that it is possible to deliver solar cells at the cost of 40 cents per watt for large-scale projects in the future, which is competitive with current commodity solar panels. CEO Rive indicated that SolarCity’s solar panel targeted an efficiency from 22% to 24%. Renewable Energy Test Center is a third-party certification testing provider for photovoltaic and renewable energy products. Solar City received a 22.04% module-level efficiency. product rating.

The average solar panel converts solar energy into electricity at approximately 14%. Contact a SolarCity sales representative at (888) 765–2489.

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