“Can’t Do, I Don’t Like That Word” — A Great American Story of Mrs Meyers

Is Mrs. Meyers a real person? The answer is yes. Mrs Meyers clean day household cleaners are inspired by Mrs Thelma A Meyers, an Iowa homemaker.

“Mom and dad didn’t have much they were farmers. Mom never worked outside of home, she was a very strong woman and I have inherited a lot of that,” Thelma recollects, “we were just brought up with our hands always being busy. I remember my mother was the same way, she loved stemming little tomatoes, and snapping beans. That’s what I am teaching my grand children, to have something to do with their hands,” she adds.

“I have a garden and I have always enjoyed gardening. It is such a worthwhile work, you get to see your products and you eat them too. Besides it is all organic. Kids love to help me here, they love to pull the carrots and snap the beans.”

Mrs Meyers started in Kansas where she went for training as a nurse in the Providence Hospital. She met Vern at a wedding dance and a year later they got married. Had nine kids together. “What comes first in your life is your children, that’s what sets your priorities,” says Mrs Meyers. “I love life and I hope everyone learns to love life, keep it real and down to earth.”

Years later, her eldest daughter had an idea. She was walking down the aisle of a store and noticed that all cleaning products had harsh stinky chemicals. “There’s got to be a better way”, she thought.

That’s when she decided to start her own product line of cleaners that smelled good and fresh, just like her mom’s garden and did not require any mask or gloves for using them. Something that was hard on dust and grime but at the same time was pleasant to work with. She named her products after her very practical mom and the common sense value she passed along to her kids.

“We started out with the thought that we have got to be really different in terms of quality and in terms of ingredients so we took a lot of cues from what we can pluck out of the garden,” Monica relates the story of her humble beginnings with the company, “the sense of smell is most tied to your memory and your brain, and I think that’s why our products resonate with people so much. Sometimes it is just more than cleaning experience it is more emotional, it is really something they connect to with a memory.”

“My philosophy on keeping a house is you got to enjoy your home, keep it clean but not too clean. I like to have it look like people live here,” Mrs Meyers fondly explains, “cleaning should not be a chore, we love the house we live in and so keeping it clean should be enjoyable.”

With Mrs Meyers cleaning products, everyone who uses them discovers that a clean home can smell as good as it feels.

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