Crest Releases New ‘Reverse-Whitening’ Strips

Are you tired of being the only one of your friends without that sexy smoker’s grin? Well not to worry, Crest’s new Reverse Whitening Strips will get you smiling like a seasoned smoker in 2 weeks or less!

That was the intro for Crest’s new ad directed toward those looking to “fit in” with their friends who smoke, without actually needing to take up the increasingly expensive habit.

This product has been just over a year in the making, but the company is now saying these new strips were well worth the wait. The population of non-smokers within North America has been feeling increasingly ostracized by their smoking cohorts for sticking to their “smoke-free” lifestyles. Over time, the two groups have experience growing tensions that seemingly had no end in sight. Enter Crest Reverse-Whitening Strips.

It sounds all well and great, but just how effective are these strips. We interviewed Dr. Guggenheim, who teaches medicine at the University Of Toronto, and he had this to say:

This revolutionary product allows the average person’s teeth to exhibit the yellowing and decay that would normally take nearly a decade to achieve. I’ve never seen something this effective in all my years on the U Of T Faculty Of Medicine.

With the public and the majority of medical professionals on board, it seems Crest has truly achieved the impossible. Add to that, the elimination of long-growing tensions between those who smoke and those who don’t, and it’s plain to see that the company is poised to make a massive profit this quarter.

We can’t wait to see what revolutionary product Crest releases next!

Originally published at on May 5, 2017.