What is the Green Rhinos Program?

In 2016, it is not difficult for an adolescent student to name 10 different models of cars. Or 10 different clothing brands. But could they name 10 animals or plant species? This question is the root of the mission of the Green Rhinos Program.

The Green Rhinos Program was started in 2012 by the Association for Social and Environmental Development (ASED). It functions as a co-curricular program for schools across India, from urban centers like Kolkata or Dehli, to the villages of the Sunderbans. The program’s purpose is to foster a love for nature conservation and biodiversity awareness, as well as inspire students to independently create projects to tackle complex issues such as waste, water pollution, and species endangerment. In 4 years, the program has succeeded in creating 3,000 Green Rhinos throughout India, who are nature leaders for a cleaner and greener tomorrow.

The purpose of this blog is to give the students an online platform for their voices to be heard and their accomplishments to be celebrated. We will be posting testimonials and student-written articles in the coming months to document the current and past projects of the incredible Green Rhinos. The students will have the opportunity to see how their thoughts, words and actions are meaningful and worth sharing. This blog also offers students the opportunity to connect with other Green Rhinos from across India and in the future, all over the world. Please see the “Student Voice” tab to keep up with us!

If you’d like to make a contribution to the Green Rhinos Program, you can click on the “Donate” page above, or visit our Global Giving campaign. For just $28 (₹ 1,890) you can pay for a student to participate in the Green Rhinos leadership program. We gladly accept any level of donation. Contact ased@asedkol.org to learn more about volunteering opportunities.

The Green Rhinos is the beginning of a movement, which will inspire youth all over the globe to see, understand, and protect the beauty of their world.

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