Green River grad Bogdan Pshonyak lands role at Tableau Software

Green River software development grad Bogdan Pshonyak

While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in software development at Green River College, Bogdan Pshonyak demonstrated a strong work ethic in the classroom, worked a help desk job on campus, published a sweet mobile app, and even landed not one, but two, comprehensive scholarships from the National Science Foundation.

When he heard about the Washington Technology Industry Association’s Training Camp + Draft Day, Bogdan obtained a faculty recommendation and was invited to participate. The result? A full-time job offer from Tableau Software. He’s now working as a software engineer at an industry-leading business intelligence company — proof that hustle pays enormous dividends.

I spoke recently with Bogdan about his Draft Day experience. In our Q and A below, he shares standout moments from this innovative hiring workshop and also offers some helpful tips for college graduates who are preparing to look for jobs of their own.

How did you become a WTIA Draft Day participant?

Bogdan: I found out about Draft Day through one of my instructors, Ken Hang. Ken nominated my classmates and me for this event and gave us the information needed to apply. After I submitted my application, I attended an event called Training Day where I spoke to recruiters who helped fine tune my resume. A group of selected participants from that event got the chance to attend Draft Day, and I was one of the chosen.

Six software development students from Green River College attended Draft Day, including Bogdan Pshnoyak. Image courtesy of the Washington Technology Industry Association.

What were some memorable standout moments in the Draft Day process?

Bogdan: Some of my favorite moments came from meeting the other participants. Everyone had an interesting story to tell, unique interests, and a passion for technology. I also enjoyed getting to meet different company representatives. Overall, the Draft Day experience was very refreshing compared to a regular job search process.

What about Green River College’s software development program equipped you to be successful at this event?

Bogdan: At Green River, I got the chance to work on multiple team-based projects using agile methodologies. I learned a lot about software development as well as how to work effectively in teams. Green River instructors and staff also helped me with my LinkedIn profile, resume, and elevator pitch. These skills and preparation allowed me to stand out amongst other candidates.

As a result of participating in Draft Day, you received a job offer from Tableau Software. Can you tell us a little bit about Tableau and what your role there will be?

Bogdan: Tableau is a fast-growing company with one clear vision: helping people see and understand data. This vision has materialized into the most advanced and user-friendly data visualization software on the market. I am working as a software engineer on the Touch Center of Excellence team. Our goal is to make Tableau intuitive and enjoyable on touch enabled devices.

As a two-time National Science Foundation scholarship recipient, you’re a great example of hustle. Can you talk about the importance of going the extra mile?

Bogdan: A lot of things are out of your control, but working hard and seizing opportunities is something anyone can do. I would encourage anyone studying software development to immerse themselves by going to hackathons, attending meetups, finding mentors, and doing side projects. I am extremely fortunate for the opportunities given to me, but those opportunities would have been out of my reach if I didn’t put in the hard work.

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