Students sprint to success in IT 355

In Agile Development Methods, students build software products for real-world clients in just 10 weeks. Here’s a recap of products that emerged from a recent offering of the course.

Photos by Peter Gudmunson


Client: Danny Najera, Biology Instructor, Green River College (Auburn, WA)

Danny Najera is a local beekeeper who is active in the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association. Green River students Sophie Canoy, James McPherson, David Milian, and Derrick Selle helped him create MiteBusters, a web app that lets local beekeepers enter data relating to the health of the beehives that they manage, particularly relating to the Varroa mites that can infest honeybee colonies. Unlike existing data collection methods that rely on slips of paper that are tabulated by hand, the MiteBusters app consolidates all the reports from local beekeepers and provides actionable data to those who are helping to preserve the honeybee population. Beekeepers in Washington state like Danny are using it now!

Danny Najera and the MiteBusters development team

Muckleshoot Tribal College

Client: Cord Rose, Instructor, Muckleshoot Tribal College (Auburn, WA)

Faculty and staff at Muckleshoot Tribal College sought a new, modern-looking, mobile-friendly website. Four Green River students including Lucas Harlor, Stacie Mashnitskaya, Edward Mendoza, and Kevin Smith stepped up to the challenege to not only build and deploy The college’s new website features programs and events, showcases students and staff, and even provides a content management system behind the scenes that lets college employees make updates to the site.

The Muckleshoot Tribal College development team

Tapped Technologies

Client: Mark Kurtz, Co-Founder, Tapped Technologies, LLC (Tacoma, WA)

For sports fans who enjoy the fan experience at stadium events, the Tapped Technologies mobile technology platform is an interactive content delivery tool that allows team and venue owners to provide fans with up-to-date, exciting content such as sports trivia games, live stats, and in-stadium promotions. Unlike other sports apps, this app platform allows fans to interact with in-stadium jumbotron displays directly from their personal mobile devices. Shout out to Kenny Long, Joseph Pallechio, and Kenny Still, three hard-working Green River students who transformed the client’s vision into a reality. Seriously, look for this at a stadium near you!

Green River Instructor Ken Hang, left, enjoys coaching students to better serve clients

Turnover Intelligence

Client: Jim Bilbao, Founder and CEO, Turnover Intelligence LLC (Tacoma, WA)

Turnover Intelligence is a web-based survey and quiz application developed by Green River students Jeremy Daker, Jacob Langham, and Mackenzie Larson. It educates employees on their commuting habits and the costs of commuting, while enabling employers to analyze data on the costs of commuting to their organization in terms of employee turnover. The Turnover Intelligence platform allows companies that require in-person teamwork to educate their employees about why it is beneficial to live closer to work in terms of personal health and wellness, with the goal of reducing employee turnover due to lengthy daily commutes.


Client: Jason Cavness, Founder, cavnessHR (Dupont, WA) is a web and mobile-based HR tool that is geared for companies with fewer than 50 employees that require HR solutions for compliance such as Employee Handbooks, Salary and Compensation Strategies, Company Policies — perfect for small businesses and startups who want a simple solution for their Human Resources (HR) needs. Unlike large companies that can afford in-house HR departments or external HR consultants, is an affordable, self-service solution for small businesses. Great work Jeremy Belt, Nicholas Perez, and Michael Peterson!

The Scrum framework helps IT 355 students deliver business value. Image from


Client: Mike Renfrow, Co-Founder, ConciEARS (Richmond Hill, GA)

For Disney World patrons​ who expect the best vacation experience at Disney, the ConciEARS app​ is a responsive mobile app​ that is designed to keep the entire family engaged with fun activities, Disney trivia, and contests.​ Unlike other informational apps from other Disney travel concierge companies, ​ConciEARS was created to keep vacationers and their families happy and entertained with trivia and other fun activities during what is often considered the least enjoyable part of a theme park experience: waiting in line for rides. Congratulations Kelly O’Toole, Liz Mahoney, and Dan Capps for successfully collaborating with a client on the East Coast — a great resume-builder for sure!

Liz Mahoney describing the ConciEARS project timeline

Green River Techies

Client: Andy Orr, BAS Program Manager, Green River College (Auburn, WA)

Green River Techies is a photo project that showcases software development students at Green River College. The site also provides sign-up forms and a slick content management system that lets students upload profiles, and admins to review and publish them to the site. The project also sheds light on the important role community colleges play in expanding the tech talent pipeline for companies in Seattle-Tacoma. Read the full story here. Job well done, Dmitry Arkhipchuk, Angelo Blanchard, and Jacob Laqua!

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