Welcome, Cohort 7!

Twice a year, we onboard a new cohort of software development students at Green River College. Here’s a recap of last night’s Cohort 7 meet and greet.

Twice a year, the software development team at Green River College onboards a new cohort of incoming students. Last night, we had the immense privilege of welcoming Cohort 7. These students have completed their associate degree, a sequence of foundational programming courses, and are preparing to begin their third year of study towards completion of a bachelor’s degree in software development. Now the fun — and hard work — really begins.

During last night’s cohort meet and greet, Cohort 7 students met their peers, participated in team-building activities, drew wisdom from a Green River alum, and participated in a Q and A with faculty and staff on how to be successful in the program.

To kick off the event, we had students organize in small teams and introduce themselves to one another. We then gave each team five minutes to identify a common interest, then write a haiku about it since a haiku, much like a piece of code, is a structured form of utterance that performs a specific task. (This is a handy icebreaker I picked up at last year’s National Science Foundation-funded Lighthouse CC Workshop. Give it a try at your next event.)

Students also heard from distinguished alum Joshua Clark, a Green River graduate who currently works as a Software Engineer at Attain, and also teaches an evening section of IT 207: Programming with JavaScript at the college.

The evening also included a version of Lean Coffee, an activity that allowed students to individually submit, then collectively vote on, questions and other topics of interest to discuss. We identified the questions and topics that garnered the most votes to create a prioritized list, then addressed each item in the list one by one, with faculty and staff weighing in on each topic to share their specific expertise.

Faculty member Tina Ostrander runs a mean Lean Coffee.

More than just a fun meet and greet, events like this help our students begin forming peer-to-peer relationships, which are critical to being success in our program.

At Green River College, we’re helping shape a new, more diverse generation of software developers to fill jobs right here, in Seattle-Tacoma. At the heart of that enterprise? Students like this.

Welcome, Cohort 7!

Faculty member Ken Hang discusses tips for academic success as a software development student at Green River College.

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