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Venom of Wealth

© Alain Compost / WWF

I saw him spiritually falling apart

When we kept on stabbing his heavy heart

The million-lives-burdened heart kept on beating with a missed breath

Leaving him in a venomous state

His veins carried the “venom” to his eyes

While his eyes reminded him of the smoking spice

The smoke he lifted with every nod of head

The smoke that brought him milk and bread

That smoke surrounded his body with a threat

Showing him a lesson and a lifelong regret

His kilns, his emissions, his wealth in vain

Ancestors were ready to carry the business chain

The smoke with thorny blanket appeared in a glimpse

Wrapped his soul beautifully in the fumy strings

His shameful heart couldn’t stand this delusion

Left him with a cold body and eyes wide open

Alas! Repentance was wiped from his fate

Stone hearted chums were ready to take his place

Huda Mustafa Kaleem, is a student at Punjab University, Lahore.

Green Talks

Conservation writings contributed by volunteer writers


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Green Talks

Conservation writings contributed by volunteer writers

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