My Roots Are At NC State

North Carolina has an incredibly rich history in the agriculture industry and universities, and NC State is beginning to take advantage of the relationships the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences department has established over the years. In an effort to spark the local economy and provide local food for college students, NC State began a My Roots Are At NC State initiative focusing on reaching out to farmers in the state and having them contribute their crops to dining halls.

The “My Roots are at NC State” program connects University Dining with North Carolina growers, manufacturers, processors, and producers to increase the ability to purchase locally and highlight the multitude of products grown and produced in our state. It also gives us an opportunity to share stories of NC State alumni working for these companies and how their work positively impacts the university’s efforts to provide the best food possible for students, faculty and staff.

By featuring Wolfpack alum, purchasing, utilizing, and promoting local produce/food the My Roots Are At NC State creates positivity around agriculture and helps students gain a better understanding of where their food is coming from. More importantly, it has helped engage student with the incredible history of agriculture NC State has prided itself on for years. Also, it opens door in the maybe life sciences departments to give them a chance to showcase the awesome opportunities they have for students interested in agriculture.

Not only does partnering with North Carolina-based farmers increases the ability to purchase locally and highlight the wealth of products grown and produced in our state, but it also assures that the food being provided for students is local and nutritious.

In coordination with the My Roots Are At NC State initiative, NC State also has other sustainability events such as All Carolinas Meal each fall, and event that features products grown or produced in North and South Carolina. As land-grant University with deeps roots in agriculture, NC State takes pride in featuring locally produced items that students love, including turkey, pork, sweet potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, and many vegetables. Products from House of Raeford, House Autry Mills, and many others are featured and identified as being local companies.

Also, University Dining celebrates Earth Week in April by highlighting our sustainability initiatives and serving select locally grown and organic products in the dining halls.

University Dining also partners with the NC 10% Campaign, which is a local initiative to encourage consumers to spend 10% of their food dollars on foods from North Carolina based farmers and producers. Dining utilizes them as a resource to connect us with food growers and producers in NC or those with ties to NC State.

All of these efforts are centered around highlighting and supporting the incredible alumni of NC State and the work they do to provide food for students.

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