Handmade Holidays

Eco-friendly wrapping

I love giving presents (even more than getting them!) but my budget doesn’t always allow for traditional store-bought gifts. I’ve always been crafty, though, so I tend to give handmade gifts when the occasion arises (I also make greeting cards). Giving something handmade is more personal than a store-bought gift or card, and usually, handmade gifts are treasured more than mass produced items. They are more environmentally friendly, too, so you can take pride in that!

How to get started?

If you want to go green but you’re not crafty by nature, there are many easy tutorials online you can follow to create something special (try Pinterest). No, really — you can do this! Websites like Treehugger have suggestions for DIY ‘green’ gifts. Look for eco-friendly materials to use, or repurpose materials: natural, secondhand, nontoxic, sustainable, fair trade, etc. are all great places to start. I suggest using minimal or environmentally-safe packaging as well (the holidays tend to be one of the most wasteful times of the year).

If you really feel crafting isn’t for you, instead of a physical gift, you could give the gift of time. Have they always wanted to go horseback riding? Or maybe bird-watching?

These ‘green’ gift ideas are much better for the environment and can make the holidays more memorable. I suggest you consider DIY decorations, too, for an eco-friendly holiday.

Have fun!