AITA For Infecting My Cousin with Uncontrollable Hulk Powers?

As an angsty Avenger with anger-management issues, I‘m feeling under-appreciated here

Janni Lee Simner
Greener Pastures Magazine
2 min readSep 23, 2022
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A couple weeks ago, I (Bruce, 52m) went for a drive with my cousin (Jennifer, 37f). I admit it, things got a little out of control — a giant spaceship cut us off on a winding mountain road, hurtling us down a hillside toward our certain death, you know how it goes. Long story short, my cousin pulled me out of the wreck, saved my life, and I repaid her by giving her uncontrollable super-strength along with a much needed makeover by bleeding all over her gaping wounds. Hey, we all look better in green, am I right?

Not only that, I cleaned out the guest room, put all my appointments on hold, and cleared my schedule for the next decade to teach my cousin how to control her new powers. I even restocked my tiki bar for her! Look, if we’re going to dedicate our lives to saving the world while also battling crippling loneliness and weapons-grade levels of personal angst, we all need a little help.

But did my cousin appreciate any of my hard work? No! She got her powers under control in less than 24 hours, told me she was done, and stole my jeep to return to her (she says) highly fulfilling career as a professional lawyer.

Seriously, one day? My cousin could at least have protected my fragile He-Hulk ego and pretended this was hard.

She even trashed the bar I CLEANED UP for her!

Now she’s back home, enjoying a corner office and substantial pay raise thanks to the powers I gave her, while I’m stranded in the middle of nowhere without a car and with a rapidly dwindling supply of tequila. Last time I called her, she was cheerfully preparing to defend my arch-nemesis in court. I told her I was cool with that … of course I’m not cool with that! But what else was I supposed to say?

Worst of all, she didn’t thank me even ONCE!

AITA for giving my cousin superpowers she didn’t want and then expecting her to let those powers destroy her life for a few decades before coming to terms with them, like any other self-respecting superhero would?



Janni Lee Simner
Greener Pastures Magazine

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