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Driving Summer Like We Stole It

June Edition of the Greener Pastures Newsletter

Photo by Nubia Navarro (nubikini) from Pexels

Welcome to June (and nearly Summer) with another installment of the Greener Pastures Newsletter. We’re writing this edition camped out in front of our AC and our box fans to beat the heat, so why don’t you grab yourself a frozen treat and let’s dig in!

Rejectjaw was Awesome

We received many excellent entries for our first ever Rejectjaw competition, proving that comedy is subjective and every piece will eventually find its perfect home.

Many of our readers agreed that Tracy Grathwohl’s piece “Turning Into An Ogre At Sunset, And Other Things No One Told Me About Menopause” was not only hilarious, but a perfect fit for GP!

We asked Tracy to chat with us about the idea for her piece and the process of getting it published:

“I had just seen the headline “Ten Things No One Told Me About Menopause” in the AARP Girlfriend Newsletter, when I was writing my headlines for the Slackjaw Humor Writing Challenge. I thought it would be funny to have an ogre be one of the symptoms. When the headline won the poll in the Facebook group, I started listing the symptoms of menopause, of which I have intimate knowledge. Then I read a lot of “things no one told me about menopause” articles to get the language. I thought of the hair/snakes and the Hansel and Gretel ideas in the shower. After I wrote my first draft, I was able to exchange with other Slackjaw contestants and they gave me helpful tips. I polished the piece a bit more; the science-y headings were the last things I wrote. This is the first straight humor piece I’ve ever had published, and I’m thrilled to have it in Greener Pastures.

We’re glad you sent it to us too, Tracy. We loved both the subject matter and the playful way she approached a milestone in a woman’s life.

Pitch Party Pause

While we’ve been having a blast hosting Pitch Parties throughout this winter and spring, our fourth edition for 2021 won’t be until the fall. We will be enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation time this summer, so check back in September for the next occurrence of everyone’s favorite marathon pitch session!”

The Podcast is cookin’

A big, big thank you to all those who’ve listened to our show, and to our producer Cassie Soliday. We’ve had some great guests talking about how they approach comedy. Give us a listen. We’ll finish season one in July and then take a little pause so we can enjoy a very vaccinated summer. Is there someone you would love to see on the show? Drop some knowledge on us at

Get to Know the Editors: What Are You Looking Forward to This Summer?

Teresa: Being socially awkward in public again!

Susan: Having things to look forward to.

Cassie: Drinking outside my apartment with Susan and Kegan. (We live close by each other!)

Justin: Travel for sure. I am terrified of flying and I never thought I’d miss it as much as I do!

Ash: Um. You Americans are so 6 months ago. Its winter in Australia. So I’ll be putting little jackets and scarves on all the koalas.

Amy: I’m excited to eat as much ice cream/sorbet/popsicles as my teeth can handle!

Brett: Having casual acquaintances again. Casual acquaintances sound really nice right about now.

Kegan: Being able to safely travel — and I could really use it because I worry that I’m going to be kicked to the curb as a casual acquaintance…

Mike: Getting rid of some casual aquaintances in the group, well, one specific aqauaintance. Besides that, going to my first live (vaxxed) concert experience since January 2020!

Call for Comedy

We would puffy heart LOVE to publish you on our publication. While we’re game to read anything, we’d love some summer-themed comedy. Give us your cute humorous takes, pointed satire, and angry gonzo weird. We love it all. 700 words max, sent to our email



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