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It’s Almost Candy-Coma Time

Greener Pastures’ October Newsletter

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

October is the most non-judgemental time of the year. It’s the only month when you don’t have to feel ashamed if someone sees you outside, covered in candy wrappers and looking scary.

Our dog Aggie always looks fly in her birthday suit. The rest of the Greener Pastures editorial crew plans on labelling all wardrobe malfunctions as “costumes.”

Most Popular Piece in September: Cocktails for Parents at College Drop Off

Jen Scully’s piece almost broke the pasture (in a good way). She hit on the perfect mix of silliness and regret. As editors, we liked the way Jenn took a very specific event — dropping your kid off at college — and made it accessible by (gently) lampooning the way parents work through those feelings via social media.

Here’s what Jenn had to say about this piece:

I can’t tell you how many friends have told me “As soon as these kids graduate, I’m selling everything, getting an RV and riding off into the sunset,” and I’ve thought, “Yeah, sure you will,” and felt that this talk was just their way of protecting themselves from a big life change. I started thinking about writing something to these talking-a-big-game RV promisers who we all know are not actually going to ride off into the sunset — at most, they’re probably just going to sign up for a new watercolor class, or something.

And the more I thought about it, the more I realized there are actually several different types of coping mechanisms parents tend to use — staying too involved in their kid’s college life, reliving their own college years, etc. That’s when I thought it would be more fun to write a list of typical parent reactions. And then thinking of each parent as a type of cocktail was easy. That’s the common denominator for any parent after drop off — they’re definitely getting a drink. I thought how funny it would be to name a drink “Cat’s In The Cradle” and the rest of it flowed from there. I wrote it the day after I took my youngest to college to cheer myself up — comedy writing is apparently my coping mechanism.

It’s Almost Pitch Party Time!

We’re once again holding a pitch party! This is a relaxed zoom session where you can join our merry crew and talk through your comedy ideas. We’ll be your writer’s room and brainstorm with you. It’s super fun and not at all scary!

If this sounds like your cup of tea, join us November 4th at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific by filling out this form.

Writing Tip of the Month: How to Approach Writing for a Content Call

Many comedy sites (including this one) put out themed content calls. For some people, hearing a specific call leads to situational writer’s block. They can write about basically ANYTHING except National Redhead Day (Nov 5th) or National Unfriend Day (Nov 17th). If you’re in that boat, this tip is for you.

Pick a theme, and write a list of ten things. The list can include reasons the subject bothers you, or why it’s funny, or relevant news stories The first three items on your list are probably pretty straightforward. There’s a great chance that the other writers you’re competing with also came up with those jokes. Look further down your list at the entries you had to think harder about. Grab one and see if you can mash it up with something in an unexpected way. If you’re tackling (pun intended) something like Colin Kaepernick’s birthday, can you mix it with something retro pop culture, like an early 90’s movie? If the theme is already part of pop culture, like The Matrix, what would happen if you mix in politics? Could Neo filibuster? What would that look like and why would he do it?

The weirder the initial premise, the more chance you have of standing out from the crowd.

Question for the Editors: What is your favourite candy, and why is it Snickers snack bars?

Ash: I will fight anyone who doesn’t say TIM TAMS.

Amy: No shade against Snickers snack bar, but Reese’s are my favorite candy and you will have to rip them out of my cold, dead hands before I say otherwise.

Kegan: When I ate candy, I loved colored Tootsie Rolls… what? Don’t look at me like that, Ash! (Fun fact: I didn’t have my first Snickers until I was 19).

Mike: Normally, Amy is never right about anything (not true, but I’m trying to start a new editor-feud), but she is right for answering Reese’s. Teresa, however, should be ashamed of herself (starting another feud) for picking Snickers as her favorite.

Susan: Butterfingers and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Damn it now I want chocolate.

Teresa: I shall rise above Mike’s bougie feuding style and just say MORE SNICKERS FOR ME. Also Ash? Share the Tim Tams, my man.

Justin: I don’t have particularly strong candy opinions but I can eat a couple of Kit Kats if the time is right. Or not. I could go either way, really.

Brett: I don’t eat candy. Nor do I watch TV, scroll Instagram, or orgasm.



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