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How to join the most talented, funniest writers on Medium

Ash Jurberg
Greener Pastures Magazine


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What we are looking for

We (and our faithful dog, Aggie) are searching for previously unpublished humor pieces in any style (except for fake news/Onion pieces) within 100–700 words. We also run cartoons that have no minimum word criteria.

Please ensure your draft follows Medium guidelines.

  • A Headline

To see how to capitalize a headline use https://headlinecapitalization.com/ and use the Associated Press style.

  • A subheading

To create a subheading write underneath your headline, highlight the text and select the little t.

  • A cover image

All images must have the credit/source. Free images are available at unsplash.com

What we are NOT looking for

  • Submissions that promote stereotypes, biases, or discrimination against a group/individual’s race, sexual orientation, or background will not be accepted — get with it.
  • No satirical news — leave that to The Onion.
  • No personal essays that are ‘humorous.’
  • Nothing over 700 words — we have short attention spans.

Submission format

To be added as a writer, when you feel your piece is ready, write the title of your piece in the subject line. If you believe your piece is “timely,” or something that is currently trending in the news, write (TIMELY) at the end.

Within the email, please use the following format:






[TWITTER ACCOUNT] (if applicable)

Then, add a link to your Medium draft, and send it to greenersubmissions@gmail.com

For any reason you don’t hear from us within two weeks, please send a gentle reminder.

After you have been added as a writer, you still need to email your submissions through. Please submit only one at a time. We love enthusiasm; our inbox — not so much.

Things to know

All our pieces are published behind the Medium paywall so our writers can be paid. To receive payment you need to join the Medium Payment Program, more information on how writers can be paid can be found here.

When your piece is published, you retain the rights to your work, as we may publish it on other social media platforms. For any questions, please reach out to us at greenersubmissions@gmail.com

If your piece isn’t accepted, remember it isn’t personal, and that within Greener Pastures are people with feelings.

Tips for writing

For a refresher on writing satire click here.

Three hints for better responses — and a better life

  • Check grammar and punctuation.
  • Think, write, and act from the top of your intelligence.
  • Be nice.

We look forward to reading your work.