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Be Routine Green, Do Not Try To Be Perfectly Green

Do not strive to impress your fellow Earthlings, inspire them.

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Don’t be a puppet

Being perfectly green is a fiction. Like Kermit the frog. He’s wise, he’s affable, he’s adorable, and a good role model, even for inter-species tolerances of love relationships.

But please don’t forget Kermit is a fiction. Kermit is a Muppety hero to inspire humility and love for us, but he is someone none of us can be.

Sadly, most of us are still the puppets of commercialization, waste, fast-fashion, fast food, and fast deterioration of our quality of life.

The perfect is the enemy of the good. Going full on vegan to avoid harm is wonderful for Earth, Organisms, and you, but so many people throw up their hands and don’t even try, that it backfires as a method of social change.

Maybe, in a thousand years, descendants of our survivors will look back in horror at our present morality of abusing the biosphere in the same way that we look at people in the middle ages breathing miasma and tossing pathogens and corpses around like confetti.

Be good, not perfect

If you can, give up meat once or twice a week. Imagine if millions of others followed suit, this would do more to curb our polluting ways than if one person never offended a hen again, forever.

And, it’s easier to deal with critics who call out vegan hypocrisy and assumed self-righteousness.

Creating better habits around food, garbage, spending, and how you spend your free time has an enormous impact on you, and thus, your world.

Make an effort to compost, never put food waste in garbage. Don’t buy anything in the worst plastics until forced into it by too few options. Use glass, steel, pasteboard, cardboard, and cloth for food purchases. This not only helps the world it helps you feel better about yourself through routine empowerment. Stay humble, not preachy, because people will model what you do, more than what you say.

We don’t do drive-throughs, because a moment thinking about it tells you it’s a triple sin against nature: cruelty, over-packaging, and spewing carbon monoxide. Going through a fast-food drive -in for fast food, is a sacrilege that should be considered one of the most fatal deadly sins.

However, it’s “normal” to most people, and you have to accept that their “routine” is due to the misinformation and lies they have been told about any entitlement they have.

Of course, there is an issue of all responsibility of waste being passed on to we consumers. This part of it can only be influenced by refusing to buy their wasteful products and production methods. Vote with your purchasing dollars. Don’t stop there. Lobby leadership to stop passing on the costs of clean up solely to consumers.

It is our environment, (for now) that pays the highest costs, in degradation, death, and lost ability to regenerate clean air, water, soil and food.

Be calm, cool, and routine about saying it: those who profit must pay at least part of the clean up costs. Suggestions of fairness and justice must be voiced with reason and practical ideas for alternatives, such as biodegradable packaging, innovation and thinking outside the puppet box.

As we demand better products, durability, less waste, less cruelty, more corporate and leadership responsibility, we will change our values from clueless and wasteful to passionate about protecting and defending the life-giving eco-systems we have.

Go into the green fields and woods to “know” green

Routinely get outdoors, routinely connect to others who still see the vital and healing beauty of the natural world.

Routinely take a deep breath, inhale while you say “Life!” or “Living” and exhale while you say: “Contentment” or “Belonging.”

Truly feel the vital oxygen and nitrogen that green life systems create for your continued being, oxygen to steer your blood, nitrogen to create your body.

Only a change in our daily perception of what we have to gain will help us connect to everyone aboard who we need, not to be perfect, but to be breathing the same air of change.




Because the earth needs us. Pronto.

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Christyl Rivers, Phd.

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