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By The Good Men Project Editors

Greetings from The Good Men Project’s Medium publication “Equality Includes You.” This is our first periodic newsletter. In this and future newsletters, we will highlight stories submitted by contributors, we’ll offer a few writing prompts, remind you how to submit your content to our assorted publications, and we’ll invite you to participate in our community.

Featured Stories

I Fired an Employee For Not Throwing Away Food: A lesson in understanding how much food is wasted in America — and what can be done about it. — by Quy Ma

Tim admitted to taking produce from the company for the past few weeks. At first, he didn’t think he was doing anything wrong. He said he was only taking home the produce that customers didn’t want or had picked over: Expired food, bruised apples, frayed lettuce, etc. Tim thought it was wasteful to throw away perfectly good food. It bothered him a great deal. After working so many night shifts, he had done his fair share of throwing away food as part of the nightly closing duties. (Click on the title to read more.)

The Next Pandemic Will Come From a Factory Farm, Not a Wet Market: We need to act now to stop it. — by Björn Jóhann

While there is evidence that the Wuhan wet market was a human-to-human superspreader event instead of the origin of disease, wet markets, both foreign and domestic, have an inherent danger. When many different animal species, some of which are brought together from disparate regions, it creates an unnatural form of biodiversity that allows viruses to jump from species to species. (Click on the title to read more.)

What Does Shooting Wolves Have To Do With Rivers?: “Think Like a Mountain.” A Wisconsin teacher uses an essay about wolves to teach teen boys about empathy and environmentalism. — by Jill Sisson Quinn

“I wish I had my gun so I could shoot these pumpkins,” Cody announced to his classmates before he even stepped off the bus. We were at the trailhead, next to a farmer’s market and across the street from a pumpkin patch. We’d had a few frosts already, and with the vegetation blackened and flattened, the pumpkins were lined up like a rafter of turkeys.

“I’m in charge of the sack,” Cody said next when I handed him one of two camelbacks, each holding seventy ounces of water, which I planned to distribute in Dixie cups at the hike’s midway point. We would hear the word “sack” over and over that morning, along with the fact that Cody was “in charge of it.” I cringed each time. (Click on the title to read more.)

Writing Prompts

To help keep your creativity flowing, we offer you the following writing prompts related to the environment. Take them and make them your own.

  • Have you grown some or more of your own food since the pandemic? Tell us about your experience.
  • Besides food, what recent changes have you made to your consumption of other store-bought resources?
  • I’ve been driving less during the pandemic and took the plunge and got rid of my car.
  • What have you learned about yourself and your relationship to the environment in the last year?

Read this story for details on how to submit your writing to one of our publications.

We look forward to reading and sharing your stories! ❤

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