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Size Matters (When It Comes to Heat Pumps)

Sometimes it is said that heat pumps only work with underfloor heating systems.

Lets talk about boilers

Boilers have traditionally come in a very small range of sizes — It has been the habit of the plumbing/ heating industry for many years to use boilers which have a heat output of 20kW+ on even the smallest of properties as they have been sized to provide instant domestic hot water.

Table 1:

Heat Pumps

Conventional boilers and emitter systems operate at around 70–80°C, heat pumps however have a flow temperature (the temperature water flows around your emitter system) of around 35–50°C.

Embodied Carbon

This section deserves its own dedicated article which I will do in a follow up piece.

  1. Changing heating systems is exactly that. In most cases we will be changing the whole system, not just swapping a boiler for a heat pump — this means the calculations for the embodied carbon must reflect all of the changes and take into account any additional materials. The added level of responsibility this will create will thereby ensure that we minimise waste throughout all aspects of the supply chain — ideally, we would fully transform our model to a circular approach**.



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