Inspiration to Keep Us All Moving Forward

Blog provided by Jeff Thompson, MD, CEO emeritus at Gundersen Health System

Work towards improving our environment can be challenging. But for healthcare providers in particular, the issues around sustainability and the environment are intertwined with the mission. The products we use, the waste we create, and the buildings we work in, all influence the health of our communities and planet.

Groups that come together to solve complex environmental problems not only find solutions when gathering, but also find inspiration that reinforces and recognizes the work they do, as well as encourages continuing those efforts, even when facing an increasingly difficult landscape.

We think the blog by Jeff Thompson highlights such inspiration around the upcoming Global Climate Action Summit.

Courage, creativity and discipline. Big Opportunity for Global Health Care Sector to Make its Mark on Climate Change

Aug 22, 2018 | Climate Change News, Feature

As thousands of leaders ready for the Global Climate Action Summit this September, we know that all we need to address climate change is courage, creativity and discipline. The moral imperative is clear. The data is voluminous. The short and long-term economics work. A healthy, functioning planet is in everyone’s interest.

We need to act not just as physicians but as members of a sector that has its own, not insignificant, carbon footprint that can be managed down in line with international agreements with benefits for public health and the sector’s bottom line. Read More