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During every awareness event , the participants made it clear that switching to a eco friendly lifestyle was not easy due to few reasons

  1. Its not easy to find Eco Friendly Products
  2. Eco Friendly Products are not Affordable
  3. Could Not find the perfect Alternative
  4. Lack of customisation of these rare products

Our Awareness events made people realize the benefits of switching to a green lifestyle.But what good is that if switching is almost impossible.As they could not get their hands on these products. As the local arts were long lost and none of the local merchants cared to source Eco-products as it offered them thin profits. And we had been requested by many to help them find alternatives.

So we reached out to local merchants to understand why they dont sell eco-products , according to them getting hands on eco-products was a hassle , they were costly and offered thin profits.Leading them to rely on plastic based products. Then we reached out to Khadi bhavan to understand why they dont sell eco-products.But sadly we were educated about lots of requirements and rules which would not permit rural artisans to get their products on Khadi bhavan stores.

Since all doors were closed , we decided to open one ourselves. We created GREENKRAFTZ’s GreenShop at our Hosur office and Online ( Web link : ) after a year of effort, and officially opened it on 26 JAN 2019 for rural artisans and nature lover’s to display their arts and kraft without any restrictions or rules. GREENKRAFTZ.ORG sells these products at Non-Profit, sourced directly from rural artisans , and by this move we have reduced eco-products prices by 90% and also made these products easily accessible . By making products more Accessible , Affordable and Flexible we are expecting huge increase in the use of green products and development of rural economy.

GREENKRAFTZ’s Teams are also happy to work with customers,Students , Schools and Offices to create customised green products and alternatives which in-turn will help them avoid unsustainable products in the future.

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Mobile : 9176658880




We are an organisation dedicated to preserve nature and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.


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We are an organisation dedicated to preserve nature and promote eco-friendly lifestyle.

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